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Remaining Pac-12 Schools Turn to Oliver Luck for Guidance



Oliver Luck

Former Mountaineer and WVU athletic director Oliver Luck is once again being hired to help an institution improve its situation.

This time, it’s the final four Pac-12 schools that are turning to Luck in an effort to find stability. Luck has been hired as a consultant by Stanford, the program his son Andrew played for, California, Oregon State and Washington State.

With the Pac-12 Conference appearing to be on the verge of dissolving, Luck is now being tasked with figuring out a path ahead for the four remaining schools. That means either adding programs to the conference or finding a landing spot for those schools elsewhere.

There’s even the possibility the current Pac-12 could simply merge with either the American or Mountain West. According to media consultant Jim Williams, Luck favors expansion and is already “starting the process” of figuring out which new programs would be benefit the conference the most.

Williams also says Luck plans to put together a list of 12 possible candidates to join the Pac-12 and then go from there. Many of these schools are expected to be members of the American and Mountain West, keeping the possibility the Pac-12 may end up just merging with one of those conferences alive.

Regardless which path Oliver Luck feels is best, the only way for the Pac-12 to truly continue on is to secure a worthwhile media deal.

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