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What’s Best for Future of West Virginia?



With the landscape of college football constantly changing, the conversations naturally always wonders to the stability of a conference and which programs may end up in a new conference.

West Virginia often finds itself front and center in those discussions for several reasons. The Mountaineers seem to stick out in the Big 12 as an awkward fit due to geography and travel distance if nothing else, granted geography and travel distance means nothing in terms of conference realignment. The debate on the future of WVU and what’s best for the program also usually hinges on the fact many Mountaineers fans have still not embraced their Big 12 affiliation and don’t feel the school has any true conference rivals. Those people tend to prefer for WVU to find their way to the ACC somehow, which would offer a feel closer to what the Big East once was.

While the ACC points are valid and WVU may even appear more attractive to the conference now than a decade ago, there are others who want to see the new Big 12 play out with the additions of successful programs like UCF and Cincinnati. Is there a door open for WVU to be a top contender in the new Big 12 minus Oklahoma and Texas that may not exist elsewhere.

There are even people who wanted WVU in the gauntlet that is the SEC, seemingly due to the immense stability that would create since the SEC and Big Ten are currently in the best positions moving forward.

Since nothing is guaranteed about the state of college football and there are always questions about what’s best for WVU, we wanted to ask the fans exactly that.

So we ask what would you like to see happen to WVU in the future?

What would you like to see happen to WVU?

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