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WVU Could be the College Football Home 2024 3-Star CB Recruit Hudauri Hines is Looking For



Adding a player like Hudauri Hines would do wonders for securing the future of the West Virginia secondary. With that said, actually landing him won’t be an easy task.

WVSN spoke with Hines soon after he announced getting an offer from WVU, which now throws the Mountaineers into the mix with several other major programs, even including Notre Dame, with hopes of acquiring the three-star cornerback who still has another year of high school left at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

2024 3-Star CB Recruit Hudauri Hines Announces Offer from West Virginia

Hines made it clear he has one simple request of his college program, one WVU might be able to fulfill – make it “a place to call home,” as he put it.

To that end, the member of the West Virginia coaching staff that’s been acting as the lead recruiter of Hines is the perfect person to explain how Morgantown can be his home. Blaine Stewart, who was recently brought back to the place he grew up and watched his late father coach, has been the one talking with Hines. And since Hines is claiming to want to find a true home in the place he picks to play college football, it’s good he has Stewart to explain what West Virginia is all about and even information about the history of Mountaineer football, something Hines admits he knows nothing about.

“I know of the school because Tavon Austin, to be completely honest,” Hines said when asked what kind of knowledge he has about WVU. There are two clear takeaways from this. First off, it’s utterly phenomenal Austin’s heroics as a Mountaineer left such a lasting impression on a young Hines, who still connect WVU as where Austin played so many years later. Second, it’s very possible Hines will now learn that West Virginia possesses all the qualities he’s looking for in a college program.

While Stewart can surely explain everything the Morgantown area and WVU has to offer, he’s not involved on the side of the ball that schools are recruiting Hines for. So has he heard about what WVU thinks of him as an actual player, well, according to Hines, he was told that he would fit the WVU program perfectly and that the Mountaineers view him as having NFL potential.

Just like every other program, West Virginia wouldn’t be interested in Hines if they didn’t view him as someone who could contribute on the field. But with that said, there’s an opportunity here that a young man in search of a college football home in every sense of the word home and a team in search of finding the right people to help get it back to glory could be a match made in perfect almost heaven.

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