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Big Week of Reveals Coming for EA Sports’ College Football 25



WVU Football players huddle up before the fourth quarter against UNC at the Duke's Mayo Bowl on Dec. 27, 2023, at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. (Mitchell Northam / WV Sports Now)

As the anticipation builds for the 2024 college football season, a big week in the video game world is on its way. Monday will mark the first day of a week of reveals for EA Sports and their College Football 25 game.

First will be the gameplay first look, then on Tuesday, the unveiling of the college ultimate team. And it doesn’t stop there. Wednesday and Thursday will offer the launch roster and Road to Glory reveals, respectively.

As for where WVU stands in the game….

EA Sports College Football 25 game showed WVU respect in terms of financial gain, but did it offer the same respect for the team’s rating in the game itself?

While the answer to that question might be up for debate, the ratings were leaked on June 1. West Virginia owns a rating of 84, according to the current unofficial ratings that are circulating around social media.

How Does WVU Stack Up Rating Wise in EA Sports College Football 25?

On one side of the coin, this rating does place WVU near the top of the Big 12, granted still significantly behind Utah’s 92. West Virginia is even ahead of Big 12 newcomer Arizona, a school many are predicting to find instant success as a contender in their new conference.

But on the other side of the coin, WVU’s arch rival just up the interstate carries a rating of 90. Pitt being rated 90 is among the most confusing and controversial ratings for any program in the country. The Panthers are being awarded a 90 number despite coming off a poor 3-9 season and dealing with the departures of players expected to play a key role in 2024. There’s even argument Maryland, who finished with a worse record while playing an easier out of conference schedule, shouldn’t be rated higher than West Virginia, granted the Terrapins are only one digit up at 85.

In reality, a video game rating does not actually mean anything and what happens on the actual field is far more important for the future of WVU football. It’s also more beneficial to earn Tier 2 status for school’s payout than a favorable rating in the game itself.

With all of that said, it’s also possible WVU head coach Neal Brown will use the team’s rating as more motivation.

More About the Game’s Release

EA Sports announced that the long-awaited college football video game will be released on July 19 and confirmed the standard and deluxe covers. The standard edition is available for pre-order $69.99 while the deluxe edition is available for $99.99.

The deluxe edition perks include three-day early access to the game, 4,600 college football points, alma mater ultimate team pack, cover athlete ultimate team pack, “bring glory home” ultimate team pack and Heisman hopeful ultimate team pack.

The standard edition also includes the alma mater ultimate team pack, cover athlete ultimate team pack and the  “bring glory home” ultimate team pack.

It’s been just over a decade since the last edition of the game, but the wait is just about over.

An NIL Ruling Made Return of Game Possible

A Supreme Court ruling in the case of NCAA v. Alston, which directly led to NCAA policy allowing for NIL compensation, was perhaps the biggest catalyst in the return of the games.

Once NIL requirements were satisfied, EA announced that every FBS football player would receive $600 and a copy of the game, which retails at $69.99, for using their name, image and likeness. There were some opt-outs, highlighted by Texas quarterback Arch Manning, but it appears as though every Pitt Panther will be in the game. However, if a player does opt-out, a created player will not be able to be named after said player.

EA Sports worked with One Team Partners to deal with NIL rights and CLC, which is the country’s top college trademark licensing company, allowing over 15,000 current student-athletes to make merchandise deals.

The Compass CLC app allowed all student-athletes to opt in or out of their NIL of the upcoming video game.

There will likely be new game modes added to EA Sports College Football 25, but the usual modes of Dynasty, Road Glory and Ultimate Team will be available.

Even though the status of some stars around the country is unknown, several WVU players have opted into the game, most notably Garrett Greene and Jahiem White.

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