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Watch: Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Ignites Singing of Country Roads on Pat McAfee Show



Pat McAfee and Adam Pacman Jones

Pat McAfee was joined by a fellow West Virginia great on his show on Tuesday, and it’s one he’s known all of his adult life.

McAfee welcomed Adam “Pacman” Jones as a guest on his daily YouTube show. As is expected when two Mountaineers get together, they couldn’t resist kicking off the segment in song with a loud chorus of Country Roads.

Once they finally stopped singing, the conversation moved from reminiscing about how long they’ve known each other, discussing each of their time at WVU and getting Jones to explain why talking smack is just part of football.

McAfee and crew praised “Pacman” for his work as a returner then Jones even answered the question most former cornerbacks get – who were the toughest receivers he ever faced?

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