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Who is More Valuable Defensively



The question here is not player vs. player but skill set vs. skill set considering these two players are extremely talented. WVU’s Sagaba Konate and Jevon Carter are battling each other for defensive player of the year. It’s a blocks vs. steals are the argument.

Jevon Carter has been known for what seems like more than four years for his stealing skills. The man that has scared top point guards his entire career.

Sagaba Konate has been wagging his finger at pretty much anyone who tries to get a layup or a dunk on him.

Let’s look at the stats and you be the judge.

Sagaba has 73 blocks on the season while Carter has a total of 79 steals. It’s a very slim margin for either player. It’s up to preference. So it’s up to the voters to decide and it’s up for debate for anyone who is a fan of college basketball.

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