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Asti: WVU Transfer OL PWO Commit Chase Rodriguez Shows Class in Midst of Hate



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Far too often people look to tear others down during a moment that should be among their happiest. Instead of building someone up, some find a way to try to make them crumble.

This was unfortunately what happened as part of the reaction to our coverage of Louisiana Monroe transfer offensive lineman Chase Rodriguez. After we posted that he had accepted an offer from West Virginia, an offer Rodriguez himself later clarified was just as a PWO (preferred walk-on), some fans decided to take that is an opportunity to criticize the move by the Mountaineers or even attack if the player’s credentials warrant being a member of a Power 5 program.

WVU Gains Commitment from Louisiana Monroe Transfer OL Chase Rodriguez

“That’s it? We’re getting a PWO from Louisiana Monroe… is this a joke?,” is how one person decided to reply to our report with Rodriguez tagged. There were a few other similar comments that appear to have since been deleted.

Instead of getting down on himself or taking any of this to heart, Rodriguez, who doesn’t bring the experience most fans prefer to see from an established college payer transferring into their program due to failing to see action this past season for ULM, took it all in stride. Rodriguez replied to these type of tweets, just as he did those congratulating and welcoming him into Mountaineer Nation, and to be fair there were many more of those. Incoming freshman and one of WVU’s top running back in the 2023 recruiting class Jahiem White even chimed in with a “welcome home” to someone who may very well be blocking for him.

“I promise to prove to you that it isn’t a joke and I can help this team be the best West Virginia team ever!!,” responded the Lubbock, Texas native to one of the negative comments. WVSN then reached out to Rodriguez to further discuss his reasoning for being so committed to WVU despite just receiving a PWO offer and what he feels he can bring to the current team.

Rodriguez’s answers maturely included both athletic and academic reasoning. “Academically, I was not being challenged and my specific program was not available for me. WVU has both Major and Master programs for my career choice and being able to compete in the Big 12 has been a dream of mine,” he said as why he feels WVU is the best place for him at this point in his career and life.

When asked if he was weighing any other opportunities or offers, Rodriguez says it was between West Virginia and North Texas for him, which he then admitted he was surprised that we were aware of his North Texas offer. Apparently, Power 5 and his major won out and made him want to come to Morgantown.

While there are no guarantees for a PWO, although he could earn a scholarship, Rodriguez did make it clear that he plans to fight to not just make the team, but also Mountaineers get back to glory. As far as if he would fit into what type of offense WVU may be running out on the field come the 2023 season, Rodriguez was asked if he believes his game could blend well with a dual threat quarterback, obviously hinting at the possibility that Garrett Greene could be the starting quarterback and even recognizing the mobility of the younger Nicco Marchiol.

“I am happy to block in whatever system the coaches feel gives us the best chance to win ballgames, but I do like to run block and I was very successful in a scheme with my dual threat QB in high school, Cooper LaFebre, so I welcome that challenge,” Rodriguez confidently explained.


It certainly sounds as if this player understands what he is getting into with a PWO offer. He is accepting it as a challenge and what’s best for him beyond just football. This all makes Chase Rodriguez an easy guy to root for.

Listed at 6’2″ and 343 pounds on the ULM athletics page, the Lubbock, Texas native is considered a guard. The freshman should have four years of eligibility remaining. Rodriguez also received an offer from North Texas.

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