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I was in my hometown of Jersey City a few weeks ago shooting my documentary. During that process, I had an opportunity to reflect on some experiences in my life. I went back to my starting place at 4 years old. I went back to my beloved high school, St. Joseph’s of the Palisades, located in West New York, New Jersey. I went back to my beloved city, Jersey City, New Jersey, Marion Gardens Projects.
During those days of shooting, and reflection.  I sat in my truck in front of Marion Gardens Projects, and remembered those days, and conversations I had with my mother about being successful, and what it would take. I remembered the great advice my mother gave me on always being ready, and prepared for success. The advice of having a great work ethic, and the discipline to out work anyone that’s ahead of you, or behind you!
As I walked around my high school. I remembered the long talks, I used to have with my high school coach, Mr.G. He once told me, “The most important thing in life is, being a good person. You will be a human being, far longer than you will be a football player! So, being a good person, is the most important aspect of life!” I remember those conversations.
As I was driving home, I was thinking about my sisters, and brothers, that are no longer with me. I was thinking about Jersey City, and all of those times during my high school, college, and professional, career, and that inner “DRIVE” to never let your family or your city down! It’s a blessing to reflect. It gives you time to take a look, and build on some areas in your life that maybe you have forgotten about. The opportunity to reflect, brings you full circle with yourself! I have always been a “DRIVEN” person, because I have the unconditional love of my family, and Jersey City! I am a blessed man!

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