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Major Excitement: Playing with Major Harris



Over the past few years no matter where I go, the question is always asked. What was it like playing with Major Harris? When I give the answer to that question, I always start with a big smile on my face. Major Harris in my opinion was the single most important player not only on our football team, but in the country! Major changed the way the QB position was played during his college career. He set the stage for the way West Virginia football was viewed around the country. When people watched our games, they saw something very special offensively. They saw an exciting brand of football. Major could do it all. He had this unbelievable ability to make played in the most critical times of the game. He was always relaxed, and ready to lead no matter who or where we were playing. We knew when the game was on the line, Major would make a play!!! The mark of a great player, is when you have the ability to make other players around you better! Major was that kind of player! I could remember times during games when a play would break down, Major could make something out of nothing. We all remember “The Play” during the Penn State game! That was just one example of the special talents Major Harris was blessed with. If you look back on his West Virginia college career, I’m sure you can come up with a few plays per game where Major made a tremendous play to change the course of the game.

It was a great feeling playing with the great Major Harris! When my son Brandon was born, and he was old enough to start playing football. I told him, and showed him highlights of Major Harris. My son was amazed at the things he saw on film. He couldn’t believe how easy Major made it look. When my son met Major, he was so excited. It was during Brandon’s Freshman year of high school, and I took him to a WVU home game. The atmosphere was crazy! The stadium was packed, and the fans were rocking!!! My son’s eyes was filled with joy, and excitement! I was so happy for him, because I experienced that same feeling every time I would put on that West Virginia uniform! To meet Major Harris on top of the excitement of being at the WVU game was a dream come true for my son. He finally met one of the greatest players in the history of Mountaineer football. As always, Major was kind, and gave my son words of wisdom, and good advice regarding playing the QB position. Even during that conversation, you can still see the leadership abilities. Major was that rare breed, humble, but had a killer instinct! We all love Major Harris!!! The best ever!!! #WVRB33

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