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Pat McAfee Addresses Rumors About His Time Away from WWE



Pat McAfee WWE Royal Rumble

When you’re as busy as Pat McAfee, you may need to eventually set your priories. In order to free up his schedule with a baby on the way, it appears McAfee will be taking a step back from one of the major companies he’s associated with.

According to multiple outlets and even eventually addressed by McAfee himself, WWE fans won’t be seeing the former NFL punter turned media mogul anytime soon. McAfee did make a surprise return at the Royal Rumble in January, but has not been back on WWE TV since then.

The rumors about McAfee taking more time away were initially ignited when fans began to read into Wade Barrett’s recent comments about his role as commentator on SmackDown. Barrett, a former WWE super-star and the man who replaced McAfee once he joined ESPN’s College GameDay during the college football season, hinted that he would be remaining part of the SmackDown broadcast crew for the foreseeable future.

“It’s as permanent as you can ever be in a role in WWE! Historically, things have always been switched around and teams have been moved from here to there, and I’m not saying I’m going to be in the SmackDown hot seat for the next ten years or anything like that. But in terms of the foreseeable, it’s going to be me and (Michael) Cole going forward. Pat McAfee is always going to be a friend of WWE. He’s an incredibly talented guy and we’re all fans of his too, but he has a lot on his plate. I am sure he’ll come in and out from time to time and be involved in various roles but, as far as I’m aware, he’s not going to be sat in the SmackDown hot seat for now at least,” said Barrett while speaking to the Daily Star.

With the chatters about his absence intensifying, ironically on 3:16 Day, McAfee released a tweet to speak on the matter. “A lot of wrestling chatter about me right now.. I think about wrestling everyday..that dream isn’t done. My business is currently rather active and exigent…+ baby on the way…timing is everything I still have MASSIVE plans for my journey to the WWE HOF someday. Believe that,” he tweeted.

McAfee’s tweet doesn’t necessarily confirm or deny the rumors, but does suggest he is prioritizing his new baby and his other professional projects like his daily YouTube show over WWE for the time being. Fortunately for WWE fans, his tweet also suggests he is far from done with professional wrestling/sports entertainment for good.

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