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Asti’s Week 3 Top 25 College Football Rankings



Week 3 of the college football season was a lot less chaotic than Week 2. While it still had plenty of down to the wire finishes among Top 25 teams, there weren’t as many upsets.

Top 25 teams from last week that flexed their muscles this week included Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia, Penn State, Ole Miss, Alabama, Oklahoma State and USC.

Every week during this college football season, I will offer my own Top 25 rankings. These rankings are mine and mine alone. They will most certainly be different from the national rankings at times, although maybe they will be similar occasionally too. How the teams play and who they play will matter.

Asti’s AP Top 25 College Football Rankings


1.) Georgia – I already had the Bulldogs in the top spot so this isn’t a change for me. They have been dominant and have simply done it against better competition than Alabama, most notably owning a win over a top 15 team at the time.
2.) Alabama – Struggling against Texas did cause some to scratch their head, but Bama was back to their o empowering ways this week and it’s freaking Alabama. They will keep winning and that will then offer more statement wins in the SEC.
3.) Ohio State – While others are crawling by lesser competition, the Buckeyes are at least flexing their muscles and do have a ranked win, even though Notre Dame has been exposed. Ohio State might be the most talented team in the country and could easily win it all this year.
4.) Clemson – I can’t justify switching the Tigers out for Michigan right now, but they do have a test coming up.
5.) Michigan – I could see an argument for including UM in the top 4, but they need to keep this every up against better competition.

6) Oklahoma
7) Oklahoma State
8) USC
9) Utah
10) Kentucky
11) Baylor
12) Tennessee
13) Arkansas
14) Penn State – I needed PSU to prove they deserved their ranking based on the competition they had been playing and crawling out of Week 1 against Purdue. They did, and they did it in such convincing fashion in a tough place to play that they earned a top 15 spot.

15) NC State
16) Ole Miss
17) Oregon
18) Texas A&M
19) Miami, Fl
20) Texas
21) Pitt – Pitt doesn’t really have a quality win yet (unless you count the Brawl over an unranked WVU team), but they have dealt with injuries and won on the road with their third string QB. Teams in front of them have just done more to this point.
22) Florida
23) Wake Forest
24) Michigan State
25) Cincinnati

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