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Farrell Files: Future of WR, TE Positions Emphasized in WVU’s Recruiting for 2024



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In this edition of the Farrell Files West Virginia, I’ll address some recent recruiting news, as well as, take a look at the WVU tight end group beyond LSU transfer Kole Taylor

The 2024 class is coming along slowly, and that’s expected with Neal Brown on the hot seat and in a make or break season. That’s being used against WVU over and over on the recruiting trail and I’ll continue to remind you of this. Why? It’s such a massive recruiting disadvantage and hinders all momentum. The same was happening last recruiting year and they overcame it will a surprisingly good class. That’s the goal for 2024 as well.

I’m intrigued by Virginia TE Elijah Washington, who received a recent offer. Why? Because he’s 6-7 and 210 pounds and could also play WR which is rare. I doubt he ends up as a WR, as he’s still growing and will add mass, but his versatility impresses me. He’s also from Lake Taylor in Virginia, and they have some momentum in that area with a commitment from TE/WR Tory Johnson in the 2023 class (more below).

Virginia has also offered him and so has Rutgers, which means WVU is in before any true powers get involved. I don’t think he gets major offers, but teams like Maryland, Virginia Tech and others will come in. They should get him on campus and Johnson will help with this recruitment so I like where they stand right now.

There is more competition for North Carolina hybrid James Nesta who should visit soon. Kentucky and North Carolina State are two nice offers for the 6-5, 210 pounder, who is being looked at as a Bandit LB, but West Virginia has an edge. Nesta’s dad does a lot of business in West Virginia so they are very comfortable and familiar with the area. I’m not saying they lead and others will come in, but it’s a nice advantage to have.

And finally, the Mountaineers want to add at least one more wide receiver and one more lockdown corner in the transfer portal. The portal window is closed so evaluation of who’s still in there is ongoing and the new window opens April 15 (it’s been moved up from May 1) and closes April 30. There should be a flurry of names in there as well. I’ve also been told that a big man — OL or DT — won’t be passed up in the portal if the fit is there. Big man are hard to find and they become a premium in the portal.

And finally, Tory Johnson is the only pure TE I see in this 2023 class, but Noah Braham could land there as well or as a half back type. Johnson is right now either a WR or TE at 6-4 and 200, but he’s a thick kid and I think he bulks up to the 230-240 range eventually. With WR skills and solid speed, he’d be more of a mismatch at that position. I have him as a mid 3-star player.

Braham is more of a LB to me at 6-2 and 225, but he’s a physical kid who could land at a hybrid role of a TE and a half back who could do work out of the backfield. He’s a low 3-star kid to me and is more raw than Johnson. His dad, Rich Braham, was a physical OL for WVU and this kid has that nasty streak as well.

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