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WVU Basketball is Getting Some Love, but There is a lot of Hate as well



Let’s face it, no one likes that the Mountaineers are good (other than WV fans)

Fans of college basketball, there’s a new top team in the land this year and they hail from the mountains of West Virginia.  They’re press defense has people in an uproar across college basketball, calling for it’s banishment. The press defense is not new to anyone. This is not pee wee basketball where you can’t play defense past half court.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no one outside of West Virginia wants this team to be the number one team in college basketball. The Big XII community is begging for the referees to call more fouls on the Mountaineers even though they may strip the ball clean. Bob Huggins has been bashed ever since WVU played Oklahoma, and triumphed over Trae Young and company.

Just a couple of days ago an article was posted online on “TheBigLead” written by Tully Corcoran, stating that the press should be eliminated and that is was “ugly basketball”. The exact quote in the article was, “the full-court press is basketball vandalism, and it ought to be eradicated”. They also posted a video by Marcelas Howard making fun of the press defense.

They’re saltier than the Dead Sea.

The positive note to take from all of this is if the other teams hate playing you,  you are clearly doing something right!

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